Health care providers, including doctors, hospitals and pharmacies, all have a lot to lose if their insurance plans become unaffordable.

And even with a better-than-average enrollment in 2017, some of the top 10 health insurers, such as UnitedHealth Group, will lose more than $100 billion if they lose their top four insurer customers.

The industry is already dealing with a shortage of doctors and other medical professionals, and they’re also finding that more and more people are choosing to stay home.

But the top five insurers have a bigger problem.

They’re losing money.

According to a report from Morningstar, in 2017 alone, UnitedHealth lost more than 3 billion dollars in revenue and more than 6 million customers.

And the top three insurers in the country, Aetna Inc., UnitedHealth and Humana Inc., lost more $3.2 billion.

That means, in 2018, they’ll be in a situation where they’ll have to make more cuts than the bottom 10 insurers combined.

But there’s a silver lining to the problems.

UnitedHealth Group is offering new health plans that offer better value.

Its HealthFirst Care plans are a way for companies to get more out of their customers.

They are the cheapest, according to the Morningstar report.

The plan offers more choices and lower premiums than Aetnas, and offers a better value than other plans, such the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia plan, according a UnitedHealth spokesman.

UnitedHealth also offers plans in the BlueCross Blue Shield BlueChoice and the HealthFirst Advantage plans.

It offers plans that include more preventive services and other preventive measures, such preventive mammograms and colonoscopies, the company said.

UnitedHealth’s plans offer better coverage for those who qualify for Medicare, but they aren’t always as comprehensive as those of other plans.

Some of the most comprehensive plans available in 2018 are those offered by UnitedHealth Care of America, which offers plans with high deductibles and copays and more comprehensive coverage.