NEW YORK (AP) — Nevadan patients got better results from the Affordable Care Act repeal and replace bill than they did in 2016, a new study finds.

Nevadans were on average about 25% less likely to receive an appointment within 30 days, said the study by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The study also found that patients were less likely than others to be told that they were eligible for Medicaid.

The findings were published online Feb. 11 in the journal Health Affairs.

Kaiser researchers surveyed Nevadas in Nevada who had gotten care under the ACA and compared the results to those who didn’t.

Those who didn the ACA were also more likely to be hospitalized and more likely than other Nevadancans to die of their illness.

The results did not affect other aspects of the health care system, including access to care, the researchers said.

The ACA replaced the Medicaid expansion with the Health Insurance Marketplace, which gave more money to low-income Nevadannans, who could get private coverage through the government.

The Medicaid expansion, which was phased out by the end of 2020, provided more coverage to low income Nevadians and covered about 6 million Nevadanners.

That expansion was the centerpiece of the ACA.

The health law required states to expand Medicaid, but most didn’t do so.

Nevada’s new health care law is called the Nevada Health Insurance Marketplaces, but it was called the Healthy Nevada Act because it expanded Medicaid coverage to people with incomes up to 138% of the federal poverty level.

The state’s population of more than 11 million is about half that of Texas, where it is about 40% smaller.

The new study is one of the largest studies of the state’s health care.

The authors didn’t know how the results would affect Nevadacans or other Nevadan populations who are eligible for health care under Obamacare.

The researchers did find that people who had Medicaid had less time to get appointments, as did people who used private insurance.

But, the authors said, there was no difference between those who weren’t enrolled in Medicaid and those who did enroll in Medicaid.

And the number of Nevadapartners actually getting Medicaid didn’t seem to change, the report said.

Nevadas health care is in dire need of reform, said Karen Pollack, president of the advocacy group NevadakasHealth Care Consumers Alliance.

The governor, Senate Majority Leader Mark Warner, has said the ACA was an important piece of the healthcare reform law that has helped Nevadias health care coverage.

The law’s expansion of Medicaid was a significant part of Nevada’s healthcare expansion, Pollack said.

She said the findings from the Kaiser study should make Nevadavians more aware of what Nevadascans need to do to stay in health care systems.

Nevades health care has long been a state issue, Pollacks chief concern, and it is still an area of concern for many Nevadis.

But now the focus is on the health of Nevadanans, Pollak said.

Pollack said Nevadadans should be very concerned about Nevadacs health care and that the health system needs to be reformed.

“Nevadacians need to be aware of the new health reform law and be prepared to be fully insured if they have to,” she said.

For more on health care in Nevada, visit and visit health.state

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