The Sunshine State is often described as having one of the healthiest populations in the nation, but a new report says that may not be the case.

Topics:health-policy,health-care-facilities,state-parliament,government-and-politics,hospitals,state—state-issues,statewide,colorada source title A new state-wide health care system would make Texas one of only three states with a ‘healthy’ government, report says article The report released on Wednesday, which was commissioned by the Coalition for Quality Health Care, found that “the health of the nation’s people is inextricably linked to how well the nation runs its health care systems.”

“There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that the quality of the delivery system matters,” the report said.

“We need to make sure our health care delivery systems are well-funded and have robust systems of accountability, quality assurance, quality assessment and reporting.”

“The cost of healthcare in the United States has been rising for decades, but it’s happening much faster than anyone anticipated,” said Dr. Jennifer Smith, one of six co-authors on the report.

“If we want to be a healthy nation, we need to move beyond the rhetoric of the political campaign season and tackle the issues that truly matter to people.”

The report found that while the U.S. health care sector is among the best in the world, it still lags behind most other developed countries.

“The health system is currently underfunded and understaffed in a number of key areas, with insufficient capacity to meet the needs of the growing number of people who are sick,” it said.

The report also found that in Texas there were more than 3,000 hospitals with an unmet need.

The states largest health system, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, said the report’s findings “raise serious concerns” about the adequacy of its health system.

“There are many reasons to be concerned,” the agency said.

“Inadequate staffing and quality are two of them.

There are other issues that must be addressed, including oversight of the state-run hospitals and the quality and safety of medical personnel.”

Dr. Robert Eakin, the co-chair of the Coalition, said he believed that “many of the concerns that the report raises are also in direct response to the catastrophic events of the last two years”.

“We’ve seen the collapse of the ACA, the opioid crisis, and the Zika pandemic, and we’ve seen a series of health care failures and crises.”

But we have to remember, we have a long way to go before we reach a state-by-state, national health care quality index.

“Our health system still lagging behind other developed nations, and when it does, it will not be for lack of trying,” Dr. Eakin said.

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