What to know about the coronavirus outbreak in the US: The basicsHere are some key points to keep in mind as the U.S. government and health care providers prepare for the next wave of infections:1.

You can get the virus from a lot of places.

The US has seen a record number of infections from COVID, with the vast majority of the cases being in close proximity to one another.

But it’s important to remember that the US is not a hotspot for COVID.

The virus has spread from the U,S.

Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the US mainland to other parts of the country.2.

Your body is not immune to COVID:The virus is also spread by direct contact with the blood or other bodily fluids of infected people, and by contact with any contaminated surface, including surfaces in the environment.

This includes clothing, toys, and other household products.3.

There is no way to catch COVID from close contacts:The CDC recommends that people stay away from all close contact, even if they are sharing the same bed.

This is especially important for children and pets.4.

It is not contagious for a week:The average incubation period of COVID is around four to six weeks.

However, there are some situations in which the virus can stay on your body for longer than this, and some people can stay infectious for months or years.5.

COVID can be spread in the air:Coaxial transmission, in which a person coughs or sneezes onto another person’s face or mouth, can also occur.6.

COvid can spread from one person to another through contaminated surfaces:A person can spread COVID through their hands, clothing or objects.

In some cases, the person can become infected while they are coughing or sneeze.

It can also spread through surfaces that can get into a person’s body, such as clothing or food.7.

You are more likely to be infected if you are younger:The older you get, the more likely you are to get the infection.

This can be due to factors such as a family history of COVE or a more recent illness.8.

You might get the flu if you get sick:Coordinated infections are the most common type of infection, and they can cause flu-like symptoms that are similar to those of flu.

In general, if you have had contact with an infected person, such a person is more likely than someone not to get sick.

If you are getting symptoms of COVI, or have any other symptoms of an infection, call your doctor.

You will not have a fever, cough or other symptoms.

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