How to get your flu shot: What to know about vaccines, the symptoms, and the benefits

The National Institutes of Health says the flu shot is a very safe and effective vaccine, and its benefits are well-known.

But the flu vaccine doesn’t always protect against the flu, so you need to know some basic facts about the flu and how to get it.

What is the flu?

Flu is a virus that can cause a variety of symptoms and can cause severe illness in people who have not been exposed to it.

It is spread by breathing in and coughing.

Who gets the flu: People who have never been exposed or who have been exposed in some way are at higher risk of getting the flu.

People who are at high risk include those who have had certain kinds of contact with someone who had the flu before the age of six months, such as a parent or a relative.

Other people at higher-risk include people who had previously been exposed, and people who were living with someone with a chronic illness, such the elderly or someone with weakened immune systems.

The flu is transmitted through close contact with an infected person.

There are two types of flu: seasonal and pandemic.

A seasonal flu infection typically starts with a mild or moderate cough and fever and lasts about a day or two.

A pandemic flu infection can cause symptoms that can last for up to two weeks, including fever, cough, and severe headache, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

The most common side effects of a pandemic vaccine are cold and flu-like symptoms, but these can be mild or severe.

The vaccine is given in two doses, one given two hours before bedtime and the other two hours after.

If you are a first-time flu vaccine user, you can get the vaccine by mail-order, or you can purchase a vaccine online.

Who can get it: All adults 18 years of age and older can get a flu shot.

Those over the age for whom there is a medical reason to avoid getting a flu vaccine, such people who are allergic to the vaccine, are also eligible.

Children can get their first dose of the vaccine when they turn 18.

If your child is under 18, you may be able to get the flu vaccination as part of your child’s school schedule.

The shot can also be given at your doctor’s office.

Why should I get the Flu vaccine?

The flu vaccine helps protect against some of the most common flu symptoms.

If you have had some type of flu in the past, you are at a higher risk for getting the virus.

If this is the case, it’s important to get vaccinated immediately.

You should also consider getting a second dose of your flu vaccine to protect against influenza-like illness.

This second dose should be given three to four weeks after your first dose.

If the flu virus doesn’t appear on the flu test or is negative, it is unlikely to cause illness.

If, however, you still have symptoms and need treatment, it may be worth getting your second dose, even if it is negative.

Who is most at risk: First-time users of the flu flu vaccine are most at increased risk for illness, especially if you have not previously had the virus or your immune system is weakened.

Second-time use of the Flu Shot can also increase your risk for influenza-related complications.

In some people, it can cause respiratory problems and severe flu-related illness, including pneumonia, pneumonia-like disease, and meningitis.

How should I use my flu shot?

The influenza vaccine is administered in two parts: a shot that contains a shot of the virus and a shot called the flu-specific antigen.

This is the protein that the body makes in response to the influenza virus.

Each of these parts of the shot contains a different amount of the different types of influenza viruses.

The dose that contains the virus will contain the same number of different influenza viruses as a standard vaccine.

You can use the vaccine to prevent flu, but not protect against other illnesses.

The amount of vaccine that you need depends on the type of virus you are getting, how you are protecting yourself, and how long you have been taking the vaccine.

The type of vaccine you are receiving can affect the type and number of doses you need.

The first shot you get after the first dose, called the vaccine-to-be, contains the vaccine’s flu-to be, and is given as part.

This means you need only take one dose.

The second shot you receive after the second shot, called a vaccine-for-next-year, contains an entire set of the vaccines flu-for, plus an additional vaccine-of-preferred.

If both shots are received at the same time, you need one shot each of the two types.

The last shot you take will contain only the flu for which you received the first shot.

If either of these shots aren’t received at all, you must take a second shot to

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