The most important thing for anyone interested in getting into tertiaries is to understand what tertiary healthcare means and to be aware of the options available.

If you don’t know what it means yet, this post will provide a brief overview of tertiary and non-tertiary health and care.

The purpose of this article is not to promote a specific practice but to provide you with an overview of the different options available to you. 

This article will be divided into three parts. 

The first part will focus on how to get a basic visa in a foreign country.

The second part will give you some basic information about the various forms of visa and other documents you can use.

The third part will provide you some more information about a few of the non-permanent residents in Australia.

This article will also explain how to apply for a permanent residency permit. 

You can find more information on visas and other immigration matters at: The basic requirements for a visa 1.

You have a valid Australian visa. 


You’re a citizen or permanent resident. 


You’ve lived in Australia for at least two years. 


You’ll be attending a tertiary institution for at most two years, excluding the time you’ve been in Australia while attending a university or college. 


You need a minimum of 10 years’ continuous residence in Australia (or, in some cases, at least five years’ of study). 


You don’t need a medical certificate from a recognised tertiary hospital to apply. 


You are not an Australian citizen. 


You meet all of the above conditions and have already received a visa.

It is possible to get an Australian visa at a time when you are not a citizen of Australia, but this will be explained in a future article. 

Note: you will need to obtain a doctor’s declaration to apply to become an Australian resident.

How to apply 1-Your visa application can be made online. 


You can make an application for an Australian temporary visa by going to the Government website. 

If you do not have a government website, you can get information about how to make an online application. 

However, if you want to apply online, you will have to apply through the Immigration Department website.


The Department of Immigration has a ‘Tertiary Visa and Visas’ section that provides information on applying for a temporary visa.

The following information is provided in that section: the requirements for the visa, what you must have in your possession when applying for the permanent residency or a permanent resident visa, and where to apply if you have any concerns about your travel history. 

A permanent resident can only obtain an Australian permanent visa by visiting Australia and staying in the country for at a specified time.


A visa is not required to be issued in a particular country or state for some people. 

In certain circumstances, you may need to be in another country to apply and you will be required to complete a visa application and an interview with a Customs officer before you can apply for an overseas travel visa.


There are several ways to apply: a) Online 1) If you can make your application online, click here. 

b) By phone 1c) If your application has been completed online and you are calling to request an interview, you’ll be able to get your application processed more quickly. 

c) By mail 1d) If the application is for a Temporary Visa and the person you are applying for is an Australian, the person’s address will be recorded in the entry in the Australian Government online system. e) By fax 2) You can fax a temporary application to: Immigration Department: 18 Victoria Street, Canberra ACT 2600 3) If an applicant has previously applied online, they will need a letter of invitation to apply via the online system or they will have access to an interview.


The Immigration Department does not provide an online form for permanent residents.

However, if the person applying for permanent residency has previously made a permanent application, you do need to provide a letter or invitation from the person. 

Your application must be accompanied by a copy of your Australian Permanent Residence Certificate (APRC) 3a.

The APRC is the document issued to permanent residents that shows their date of birth, citizenship and residency in Australia and other relevant information.

The APRC will be needed for permanent residence in a non-citizenship country (i.e. a country where you cannot legally apply for permanent resident status).

The APCR must be: valid and current

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