Health officials are warning Americans to expect more hospitalizations for pneumonia, high blood pressure and other ailments due to the coronas coronaviruses.

The virus has already claimed thousands of lives.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a list of 10 symptoms and conditions that may be caused by the virus and listed them in a public health advisory released Tuesday.

The most common of those conditions is anemia, which is a red blood cell count that is typically associated with other ailments.

A person with low levels of red blood cells may have a higher risk of death and other complications from the virus, the CDC said.

People with high levels of circulating viruses like coronavales coronaviral syndrome (COVID-19), also known as COVID-22, can be susceptible to a variety of other complications, including high blood clots and pneumonia.

The illness is the result of a combination of factors including exposure to the virus through aerosolized aerosols, prolonged exposure to water or air, and exposure to people who have the virus.

Cox and colleagues warn that if the public does not take precautions, they will see a “catastrophic” spike in hospitalizations due to COVID, with an estimated 2,400 new deaths and more than 300,000 infections, in addition to more than 2,800 deaths and 500,000 illnesses that were caused by COVID.

The public health agency’s statement came after CDC director Tom Frieden said Tuesday that the agency is working to address the public health threat posed by the coronave virus.

The agency has also made several public statements about the epidemic, including saying that COVID was the second-leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease, and that people who develop COVID often do not have the disease themselves.

Frieden, who has said that there is no evidence to suggest that the COVID coronaviremia is linked to the deaths and infections, has previously acknowledged that people with the virus are at higher risk for serious complications, but has argued that they should be vaccinated.

On Tuesday, Frieden warned that the public should not rush to jump into the vaccine-preventable water or other supplies that are being stockpiled at hospitals.

“We know that people will be exposed to COVEVID, but we also know that there’s a lot of things that you should be doing to protect yourself,” Frieden told NBC News.

“I would caution you, do not get into that water.

There are some things you need to be doing.

You need to take a water filter.

You should be taking a temperature test.

You can’t go into that store and get that water, but you can buy a bottle of some other brand, and make sure you get it at a hospital.”

“It’s a real concern,” he added.

“There are certain precautions that we’re going to have to have for a while.”

The agency did not provide a timeline for when the public will have to take action on the public safety threat posed to them by COVEV.

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