Allina is moving its Health Care Centers from the northwest section of San Antonio to the east section of the city.

The company will be moving its operations to the west side of the county as part of a multi-billion-dollar plan to open up the county for medical cannabis use, according to a company news release.

Allina is in the process of acquiring a 50-acre parcel in a new development called The Village of Eastlake.

“The company has always maintained that the growth of the market in the area is going to require additional infrastructure, which we think is an appropriate way to help address that,” said Tim Pincus, Allina’s vice president of business development and regulatory affairs.

Pincus declined to provide further details.

Allina also announced plans to renovate the old Allina Medical Center and to expand the company’s existing headquarters in the southeast area of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

The company announced plans for the new expansion in May.

On Jan. 1, the company announced that it would close its existing health care centers, which are located on the west and northwest sides of San Angelo.

The announcement came on the same day that the San Antonio Express-News reported that Allina was closing the doors of its existing facilities in the same location.

Officials at Allina said they were considering relocating their health care providers, but that they will stay in the county.

Earlier this year, the San Angelo City Council approved a new ordinance that allows medical marijuana dispensaries to operate.

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