Health and Medical Editor, A Current Affair reader comments 2 This week’s A Current Contingency article Health care providers will have to make some tough choices this winter.

There are no shortage of reasons to be concerned about the health of our country, but the pandemic may well be a turning point.

A Current Care has taken a look at the key issues facing the health system, including: What are the main concerns?

What are our options?

Where can we get more information?

How will our health care system adapt to this new climate?

Here is what you need to know about flu and how it can affect us.

Read more Healthcare provider: What is the flu and why is it so dangerous?

Healthcare providers need to prepare for the pandemics consequences.

There have been several examples where the influenza pandemic has resulted in a significant reduction in access to medical services.

But while the pandics impact is likely to be felt across the board, the pandemaker’s impacts are particularly devastating for people who rely on health care services.

For many of us, this means our healthcare is a lifeline.

It provides access to the services that we need to keep our bodies and minds functioning, and it also provides a secure home for a loved one.

But there are many factors at play in our healthcare systems that are likely to have a negative impact on the quality of care we receive.

What is the influenza?

The flu is a virus that infects the body and is transmitted by airborne particles from an infected person.

It can be spread through coughing, sneezing, sneeze, cough or sneeak.

It is a common illness that has spread around the world, and currently affects millions of people.

The flu season lasts from mid March to the end of April, and this time of year is known to be particularly dangerous.

The flu is not contagious, and the virus can be easily caught and passed on through people who have already been exposed to the virus.

However, people who are already infected with the flu can transmit it to others who are not infected.

Where can we stay safe?

The health care sector is facing a major challenge this winter as a result of the pandemate.

Many of our health centres have been hit hard and have seen some of the worst disruption.

We have been advised to close as early as possible, and our facilities may be temporarily closed.

How will our healthcare system adapt?

There are many ways we can adapt to the new climate, but we need a common understanding of what is at stake.

We need to be prepared to deal with the pandemia, and be prepared for the impact of a pandemic.

The health system needs to be able to respond in the event of a significant change in its business model, such as an increase in the number of people coming into the system.

This will allow us to manage our operations to ensure we are prepared for any changes in our business.

We also need to plan for a pandemic, and what the impact will be on our care delivery system.

For example, we need planning for the disruption of a hospital that is in close proximity to our primary care and is used by patients and their families.

We also need planning to ensure our hospital stays open, which will require the establishment of extra capacity.

What are our choices?

It is important that we recognise that our health system is going to need to adapt in order to keep people safe.

While there may be some choices we may not be able or willing to make, there are a range of options available to us that will allow our system to work optimally.

If you have a family member with the influenza, you can be assured that they will have access to their care.

Some of the options available will be to provide them with personalised care or to be provided with a suite of complementary services.

Other options will be for them to be referred to specialist doctors and nurses.

Many of our providers will also be able access community services, which may be available to all people regardless of whether they are or are not currently vaccinated.

If you are concerned about your personal health, your family members and you, we recommend you seek the advice of a specialist healthcare provider who is experienced in the provision of personal care and healthcare services.

For more information about the care that can be provided to you, please contact your local hospital or clinic.

For more information on the pandems impact on Australia’s healthcare system, please click here

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