Health care reform would make it more difficult for families to afford insurance coverage and would reduce the amount of help they can get through the marketplaces, according to a report released Thursday by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

The report, released by the left-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, found that as many as 20 million people would lose their health insurance by 2026 under the GOP plan, or about 2 million of them from families that make up to 400 percent of the federal poverty level.

In addition, the CBO found that the GOP’s plan would make coverage more expensive, with the bill including tax increases on higher earners and raising premiums for millions of Americans.

The nonpartisan think tank also said that by 2027, 23 million people with pre-existing conditions would be without coverage.

It’s an especially tough blow for those with pre the Affordable Care Act, which required insurers to cover people with preexisting conditions and required states to provide insurance to those with preeexisting conditions.

The CBO said that premiums would go up by 2023 and by 2025.

“The GOP’s proposal to cut insurance for millions by 2028 is a stark reminder that it’s not just the insurance companies that will be hurt by the GOP bill,” said Cecilia Kang, the center’s director of health policy research.

“We’ve seen insurers and insurers selling plans that are unaffordable, and we’re going to see that happen even more for people who already have coverage under the ACA,” Kang said.

The CBO’s report found that by 2020, the number of people with health insurance would increase by 8 million.

That would result in an increase in the number and cost of health care for the population.

By 2027 the CBO estimates that the number would be 3 million, an increase of 11 million people.

Republicans are expected to release their proposal for healthcare reform on Thursday.

President Donald Trump has been working on his own legislative proposals to repeal and replace the Affordable Act since his inauguration, and his administration is pushing for a more conservative approach.

Trump has said that the goal of his plan is to give Americans health insurance coverage at a lower cost than the current law.

He has also said he wants to repeal Obamacare, the 2010 law that he signed into law.

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