The Affordable Care Foundation has teamed up with Trillium Health Care to offer tips on getting a good night’s sleep at the Summit.

Here are the seven tips.1.

Choose the right pillow.

A good pillow will help you sleep better and will provide more support to your spine.

Choose a soft, supple, and breathable pillow with a cushioning system.2.

Make sure you don’t sleep on the back of your head.

The back of the head is where your brain is most active, so it’s the best place to sleep.3.

Sleep in a bed.

The bed will provide the most support and will also give you more time to relax and rest.4.

Sleep on your side.

If you’re sleeping on your back, try sleeping on the side of your torso.5.

Avoid snoring.

Snoring will only cause more strain on your neck, neck muscles, and jaw muscles.6.

Have a pillow that has a base that doesn’t pull away.7.

Use a pillows to help reduce the pressure you’re putting on your eyes.

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