India’s government plans to make more health care and education more affordable

India’s Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said on Wednesday that the country would make health care more affordable by increasing its contribution to national healthcare spending by 20 percent over five years.

Vardhaan said the government will make public and private sector participation in health care as “key” in improving access to healthcare.

The announcement follows the government’s announcement in September that it will double the public-private partnership (PPP) ratio, which is the ratio of the government to private health care spending, from 60 to 70 percent over the next five years and the increase in subsidies to be introduced in the next financial year.

The government plans also to make education more accessible and more accessible to the poor and vulnerable.

India’s economy has shrunk by 6.6 percent over two years, and the health care system is the country’s second-biggest public sector employer.

Vellhan said the country will expand its participation in the global health initiative called the Global Alliance for Health Care Equity, to make the government “a leading player in the sector.”