The Queen has been given the green light to start a private health insurance plan, with an initial plan set to cost £500,000 a year.

The Queen, who has long been a fan of private healthcare, has been asked to take a look at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, and a number of other hospitals, in her lifetime.

She will also decide whether to have a private doctor or nurse for every single one of her sick children.

The new plans are due to be rolled out in 2019 and 2020.

It is understood the Queen will consider how the plans could work for her in future, and whether she would like to consider more than one private doctor for every one of the sick children she has.

The announcement comes as the Queen prepares to go on a royal public holiday for a few weeks, which will be a break from her current routine of taking part in the annual St George’s Day celebrations.

She is due to make an announcement about the future of the Royal Health and Dental Hospital on Thursday.

The health insurance scheme, which could cost £1.4 billion, is part of the Queen’s pledge to pay for a new £100 million hospital, which she promised would be opened for private patients in 2020.

The plan is the biggest royal health plan since the Queen was crowned in 2009, with plans to spend £1 billion on new hospitals and clinics.

The Royal Health Care Foundation, a private charity, will also be involved in the planning, and will pay for it.

The plans will include a “premium plan”, which is likely to be £500 a year for a single person, and the Royal Hospitals NHS Trust, which is expected to pay £1 million.

In a statement, the Queen said: “I am looking forward to working with the Royal Healthcare Foundation and the Hospital for sick Children to create a new private health plan.

This will include an initial one-off premium plan which will set out how I will spend the funds, and I will look carefully at it in the coming weeks.”

A spokeswoman for the Royal Mail said the plans were subject to Royal Health Board approval, and that the company had not made a decision.

The scheme will be offered through a range of providers, including NHS Trusts, NHS Hospitals, and private healthcare companies.

It is likely the Queen would be interested in the Royal Colleges of Nursing, which has a number private hospitals in Scotland, and has also been working with private providers to help manage and plan for the new hospital.

“The Queen’s Royal Hospice will be working closely with the Queen and her family to make the plans as transparent as possible, and to ensure we do not breach any patient confidentiality rights,” the spokesperson said.

“In the coming months, the Royal College of Nursing will also work with the Crown Estate to work through the details of the plans, and provide advice on how to support patients and ensure the plans are suitable for patients and families.”

The plans are expected to be open to all patients in the UK, and in the US, Canada and New Zealand.

They are expected in the autumn.

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