Oxford, England – Oxford Health care lawyer Paul Collins says that the opioid epidemic is one of the worst in human history.

Collins is the author of an upcoming book called “Opioid: What Every Doctor Needs to Know”.

Collins says we’re on the verge of another “World War 3” as a result of the epidemic, which he says is killing Americans at alarming rates.

Collins, who is an American citizen, has a law degree from Oxford University and was the first U.S. Attorney in Kentucky.

Collins says the crisis is “the biggest problem we have ever had in our history.”

He says that we’re seeing an escalation of opioid deaths in America.

Collins went on CNN to talk about the epidemic.

Collins told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that the numbers are so bad in America that it’s hard to know what the long term effects will be.

Collins said, “I think that the American people are going to have to decide on this.”

The epidemic has seen an escalation in overdose deaths and overdoses that have been caused by the opioid analgesic fentanyl, Collins said.

He said that many doctors in America are reluctant to prescribe opioids because they’re afraid they will be prosecuted by federal officials for prescribing opioids to people who are using them to treat their chronic pain.

Collins also said that a number of American companies have been accused of misusing their patent for opioid painkillers.

Collins believes that this is a major problem because if you do not have the proper protocols in place, you’re going to see a huge surge in overdoses and deaths.

He says many doctors are reluctant because they are afraid of prosecution for prescribing them opioids.

Collins has called on the U.N. to investigate the epidemic to see what needs to be done.

The Oxford University Law School says that “there is an urgent need for a new, comprehensive national strategy to tackle the opioid overdose crisis.”

The U.K. has a similar problem and has a prescription drug program called the Opioid Prescription Scheme.

But the U…

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