Two days after President Donald Trump signed an executive order to repeal the Affordable Care Act, a group of state health care providers said they are planning to sell the card.

The card, which is used by people who need help paying their medical bills, has been used by more than 1.5 million people nationwide.

The cards, known as “health care cards,” were created in the 1950s and were used by the federal government as a form of insurance to help pay for things like dental care, hospital visits and prescription drugs.

The president signed an order on Thursday that would eliminate the Affordable Access Act, or ACA, which he said was an economic failure.

But the Affordable Healthcare Act’s supporters, who include states, counties and hospitals, say it’s necessary to provide affordable coverage for millions of Americans.

They argue that the ACA is a way for states to attract and retain businesses that will help create jobs.

But critics of the ACA, including the Trump administration, say the law has hurt small businesses and hurt people with pre-existing conditions, which have been blamed for the high number of uninsured people.

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