Posted November 11, 2018 06:21:40 Many children with special needs, including autism and Down syndrome, have difficulty understanding the meaning of their surroundings and communicating with others, and the diagnosis can lead to difficulty in getting on with school or life.

But some studies have suggested that the quality of care they receive may be the most important factor in whether or not they are successful in life.

Research published in the latest issue of Child Development shows that autism and ASD are linked in some ways, with some studies suggesting that ASD children are at higher risk of depression and anxiety, while autism children are more likely to be depressed and anxious.

The study also found that children with Down syndrome are at a greater risk of having behavioural problems, particularly aggression.

Autism and ASD: what we know and don’t know Source: ABC News | Published: November 11:57:03Research conducted by researchers at the University of Sydney and the Australian Research Council (ARC) has found that the severity of autism and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is related to the severity and frequency of their diagnosis.

In a series of studies, the researchers used data from the Autism Longitudinal Study to examine the impact of autism on people’s health, social functioning and relationships.

They found that people with ASD had a greater incidence of depression, anxiety, depression, self-harm, self harm and drug and alcohol problems than people without ASD.

The researchers then conducted studies to see how well children who were diagnosed with autism fared on a range of measures.

The results showed that people who were identified with ASD were significantly more likely than others to experience a range and severity of difficulties.

Autism spectrum disorder: how we know it and what to do about it | Source: ARC Research Centre (AURC) | Published : November 12:10:30People who are diagnosed with ASD have also been found to have an increased risk of suicide attempts, with an increased rate of suicide attempted and suicidal ideation, as well as an increased number of mental health and substance use disorders.

Research also suggests that ASD is more common in children who live in families where there is a high risk of family violence.

For people with Down Syndrome, the risk of ASD is also increased, with research suggesting that one in six people with autism live in households where they have experienced family violence and one in three people with disabilities.

People with Down or autism spectrum disorders may also struggle to navigate social environments and are more prone to difficulties in social relationships.

The effects of autism spectrum conditions on social functioning, relationship, and health are not completely understood.

For children with ASD, the study found that their behaviour problems, anxiety and depression were more common than in people without disabilities.

Autism & Down syndrome: the spectrum of conditions that make them different from others | Source : Australian National University | Published on November 12, 2018 07:34:57For children with a diagnosis of ASD, social and communication skills may be less developed and the development of language may be slower.

This means that children may have difficulty with reading and writing, or may struggle to communicate with others.

However, the most common reason for having a disability is that they have an intellectual disability or have a learning disability.

People who have ASD may also have behavioural problems as well.

The research also found a higher rate of alcohol use disorders in children with an ASD.

However this finding was not linked to an increased likelihood of psychiatric disorders.

The main difference between people with and without autism is that people diagnosed with Down and autism have a greater chance of having an intellectual or learning disability than those without.

The findings of this research suggest that the most likely causes of Down syndrome and ASD might be the same as the causes of autism.

It is hoped that this research will help inform the treatment of ASD in children, parents, and staff.

What is Down syndrome?

| Source | Publication date: November 12 of 2018 08:30:04Topics:disorders-and-disorders,mental-health,diseases-and.disorders

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