There’s a big change on the horizon in the NFL.

The best quarterback prospects in the league have arrived in Philadelphia.

The new crop of prospects is already looking a lot more like the ones from the late 1990s, with the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Eli Manning and Dak Prescott among them.

There are a few reasons why this could be good for the league, but the main one is that the game of football is changing and becoming more physical.

While it’s easy to think that NFL teams are already preparing for the physicality of the game, we’re still only seeing glimpses of that now.

And there are a lot of players that could be drafted with the intent to play in the physical and explosive style of football that’s going to change the game.

For example, the new crop includes a quarterback who can throw the football with elite accuracy.

This is not a new phenomenon in the game today.

We see a lot, but it’s still rare.

This year, we have to be really careful about our predictions of what the NFL will look like when it gets to the next level.

This season, the biggest story will be the draft order and what it means for the rest of the league.

For now, let’s focus on how this draft class compares to what we saw last year.

The Top 10: The QBs that are most likely to take a step forward The quarterback who makes the biggest leap in the draft will be a first-round pick.

We know that the top quarterbacks are the ones who will get drafted in the first round, so let’s take a look at the top 10 quarterbacks in the 2017 NFL Draft.


Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville: Bridgewater, who’s considered one of the top prospects in this draft, is going to be one of those players who will have to prove himself against NFL competition to break into the top tier.

Bridgewater will need to improve his mechanics and accuracy to make him an elite quarterback, and he’ll need to prove that he can play at the next levels.

Bridgewater is a big-play threat who can make it tough for opposing defenses to cover him.

He’s also an extremely mobile quarterback who is extremely accurate.

Bridgewater has the potential to be a very good quarterback for years to come.


Carson Wentz, QB*, North Dakota State: Wentz is a player that we’re really excited about.

He has the physical tools to be an elite QB, and the NFL is getting better and better at playing zone.

Wentz has great arm strength and the ability to make plays on the move.

He’ll have to play with a lot less leverage in the pocket and will have his own problems with accuracy and accuracy timing.

While he has the skills to be able to succeed in the pros, Wentz will have a tough time competing against top quarterbacks because he’s going up against guys who have a lot better mobility.


Carson Palmer, QB* Wyoming: Palmer is a QB that will have an easy time proving that he belongs in the top tiers of the NFL this season.

Palmer is already the most physical quarterback in the entire draft, and it’ll be hard for him to put up numbers like he did last season because of the way he’s playing right now.

Palmer can also make plays with his feet and can run very well, which will help him get better as a passer.

Palmer has the ability and talent to be successful as a pro quarterback.


Christian Hackenberg, QB/WR*, Penn State: Hackenberg has the best skill set of any quarterback in this class.

He is the fastest quarterback in his class and has great hands.

Hackenberg will have the chance to be the quarterback to beat.

He can be a dominant pro quarterback, but he’s not going to have a chance against elite quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Rodgers’ former teammate, Carson Wentza.

He will have some issues when it comes to accuracy and timing, but those issues will be easier to fix as he matures.


Jake Coker, QB*** Miami (Fla.): Coker is a guy that is going up in this NFL draft.

He plays fast, has great accuracy, and has the athleticism to be more than just a good quarterback.

He could be an explosive, high-end QB for years.

Coker has the talent to make it into the NFL at a young age.


Christian McCaffrey, RB*, Stanford: The running back that has the most talent is probably the guy you should be most excited about this draft.

McCaffery will be one for the ages.

McCafferey is an incredible athlete, who is quick enough to run through defenders.

McCafferrey has the speed to be extremely elusive, and is capable of creating big plays downfield.

He won’t have the elite talent that most teams have at running back, but this team has plenty of good options.


Teddy Goff, QB** Cal: Goff is

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