You should buy your healthcare through a government-run healthcare system, a new study suggests.

“The American public wants access to quality, affordable, high-quality, low-cost healthcare, but we don’t have that opportunity,” said Dr. Sarah H. Purdy, a senior research fellow at the American College of Physicians.

“They need to have access to healthcare, they need to be able to use it safely, they don’t need to pay for it out of pocket,” she said.

“We want to provide the option to the American public, and this study is helping us to get there.”

The American Medical Association has pushed for a national healthcare system for decades.

But, its push has come with a caveat.

The AMA says that the country has a long way to go to meet its health needs.

The group says that if we continue to rely on private insurance and the government to pay more for healthcare, it will create a system that is even worse for health.

“If we do not provide this choice, we will lose access to high-risk and vulnerable people, and we will be left with a healthcare system that has been shown to be less effective in treating health care costs, less effective at preventing deaths, and more costly,” AMA President Robert Silverman said in a statement.

“Medicare and Medicaid have proven to be inadequate, unaffordable, and ineffective, and they need immediate reform,” he added.

“That is why we are calling on Congress to make our healthcare a choice.”

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