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Indian health care system’s healthcare needs ‘further underestimated’

New Delhi: The Indian health system’s health needs remain “far too big” to address the growing challenges facing it, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday.

In a wide-ranging address, Modi outlined the country’s plan to improve its health and provide quality services, while reiterating his desire to make it “one of the most developed countries in the world.”

“India has always been a nation of health care, but we have underestimated its magnitude,” Modi said.

“The challenge we face today is the greatest since the first World War.”

Modi said the Indian government had identified more than 4,000 areas for improvement and planned to improve health care systems across the country by 2020.

In a joint address to the nation, Modi and health ministers said they had discussed ways to make India’s health system more efficient, accountable and responsive to the needs of its citizens.

Modi, a former investment banker, has been in office since June 2019, after he was elected on a promise to “Make India Great Again.”

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