The opioid crisis is now a national emergency in Michigan, and the crisis is spreading quickly across the state.

More than half of Michigan residents live in a rural area where more than 1,500 opioid-related deaths were recorded in the first three months of this year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It’s a problem that has prompted Michigan to take several steps to help people.

In March, Gov.

Rick Snyder signed a sweeping law that provides coverage for the opioid-prevention programs that are part of the federal Affordable Care Act.

The law requires that all counties with populations of more than 50,000 people provide the same coverage to residents with incomes at or below 100 percent of the poverty level.

The law also provides coverage to people with incomes of less than 100 percent, and requires that emergency room visits and treatment services for people with opioid use disorders be coordinated with public health care providers.

The state also began a pilot program for a program that would cover the costs of treatment and referrals for people who use opioids and for those who are homeless or are on the streets.

In addition to covering emergency rooms, the program also provides mental health and addiction counseling, and provides financial help to people who need help with bills, such as mortgages, medical bills, utility bills and rent.

The program was rolled out in April, but it is expected to cost about $500,000 per year.

On Tuesday, the governor signed legislation that includes $25 million in emergency funding to help low-income residents get access to mental health treatment and prescription drugs.

But the state also wants to help address other issues that have been highlighted in the state as the opioid epidemic continues to grow, including housing and homelessness.

Last month, Govs.

Jennifer Granholm and Larry Hogan signed a measure to provide $25,000 for homeless families and $1,000 to help states and municipalities that have experienced a spike in homelessness.

The measure also would help provide $50,000 in grants to counties and cities that have established housing for people living on the street, or in shelters, and to help them find work.

The money is to help with the costs and services of people who are on Medicaid.

Meanwhile, the state has been working with a group of mayors, governors and other community leaders to develop a plan for how to better serve those in need.

That plan will include providing a list of services and providing funding for them, including for addiction services and substance abuse treatment.

More: Michigan officials say they will not provide more details about the pilot program until a formal plan is in place, but they are making efforts to reach out to people on the ground.

The governor’s office says the plan will be available later this week.

But as the crisis has intensified, so have concerns about the safety of the emergency room, the number of opioid-impaired people being admitted to hospitals and the number who will seek help.

And in the past week, the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) reported that opioid-abuse rates in the United States have more than doubled since 2010.

In Michigan, they rose to 2.1 deaths per 100,000 residents in 2016 from 1.7 in 2010.

Dr. Michael M. Anderson, chief medical officer of the Michigan Health and Human Services Department, said that emergency rooms are the most commonly visited doctor and hospital in the State, with an average of 2,500 visits per year, and that in Michigan that number rose to 4,200 visits per week in 2017.

In the past two years, the department reported a 33 percent increase in emergency room utilization, with more than 2,100 emergency room appointments per week.

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