A couple of weeks ago, a family of three from Texas decided to travel to Colorado to attend a family medicine clinic for a private practice.

As the couple was arriving at the clinic, they learned that the clinic’s doctor, an OB-GYN, was charging them $10,000 more per year than they were paying for their care.

The patient, a young woman with an eating disorder, had been told by the doctor to get a second opinion.

She was scheduled to have her second MRI a week later, but that didn’t come.

The woman’s condition worsened and the next week she was admitted to the hospital.

The next week, the doctor was charged $50,000 for unnecessary care, a $10 million bill and a five-year suspension of his license.

The family had to cancel their trip to Colorado and wait to see how the investigation would turn out.

The couple was devastated, and they are suing the doctor.

In a letter to the court, they wrote: “We were not told what we should expect when we arrived at the hospital that we would be treated for a serious condition we didn’t need.

The physician was not given any information about the risks of having a second CT scan, nor was he provided with any guidance about what would be included in the examination.

We were not offered any other options.

The doctors office and hospital were not staffed to help with any of the other symptoms we were experiencing.

We had no information about how long we would have to wait before we were seen by a specialist or even given a second MRI.

And, most importantly, we had no explanation as to why our medical bills would be so high.”

The family is suing the Colorado health department and the Colorado hospital and health care provider.

This is a case of the doctor and the hospital, but they are also challenging the health care system in general.

They have filed a federal lawsuit against the Colorado Health Department, the Colorado Medical Board and the Denver Health Department.

In their lawsuit, they claim that the medical system has failed to provide reasonable oversight and transparency.

They are also asking for a court order barring the health system from imposing any new and unreasonable costs on patients.

The hospital and hospital are also facing the challenge of finding qualified physicians and hospitals willing to treat their patients.

According to the Associated Press, the family will be able to receive a refund for their bill, and the medical center could be reimbursed.

The AP reports that the lawsuit seeks to prevent Colorado from having a repeat of what happened to the family of Michael and Kathy Stegall.

In 2008, the Stegalls were admitted to a Denver hospital and then had a CT scan in an urgent care unit.

The results of that CT scan indicated that Michael Stegland was in anorexia and had lost a lot of weight.

After being told about the MRI results, Michael Stevall’s mother, Kathy Stevally, decided to try to get an appointment with the doctor, who said that Michael could get the CT scan but would have his insurance covered.

But he said that would not be necessary, since he would have paid for the MRI.

Kathy StEVally was told that her son would be denied the scan and that she would have have to pay for the CT itself.

She called her insurance company and got a refund.

In 2011, Kathy and her son were able to get the same CT scan from a different physician.

The Stegallys filed a lawsuit against both the hospital and the health department, arguing that both had violated their patients’ constitutional rights.

According the Associated Statesman, the state Supreme Court sided with the Stedalls and struck down the insurance company’s denial of the imaging test.

They also noted that the doctor who performed the MRI had been working for the hospital for less than a year.

The lawsuit alleges that the hospital failed to adequately explain the benefits of the MRI and the benefits that the CT scans provided.

The case is expected to be heard in June.

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