Canada Health Centre, which is Canada’s second largest health care system, is looking for help to expand their health care operations.

The health care provider is looking to recruit more nurses and physicians to help run their clinic, said an official with the health care corporation.

The company says that it will need to raise money from private sources to pay for the new hires.

The corporation’s president, Gary Tugendhat, told CBC News that the company will have to raise $5 million to hire 100 new doctors to open clinics and to build new facilities, including an expanded emergency department.

Tug, who is also the CEO of Canada’s largest medical group, says that the new positions will help fill some of the shortage in health care.

“We will need a workforce to go into the hospital, and we will need doctors and nurses to take care of patients in the emergency department,” he said.

But a spokesperson for the health corporation did not respond to CBC News’ requests for comment.

The Canadian Medical Association says that Canada has a shortage of nurses and doctors, and has called for the government to address the issue.

The group has said that its members need 1,600 additional nurses and one hundred more physicians in order to help fill the need.