A catastrophic event could occur at any time, a new report has warned, warning that “the worst case scenarios” could occur within the next six months.

Key points:The Irish Times report by health experts warns that a “disastrous” event could take place within the yearThe report says that “disasters are inevitable” and warns that “things could get worse before they get better”The report was compiled by a team of experts from the UK’s Department for Health, and is the latest of several reports on the health of the population, and what can be done to prevent them.

The report has been published by the health experts and published alongside a report by the Royal College of Surgeons, which is critical of the current health system.

The Department of Health said it was reviewing the findings and was working with the Department of the Environment and Rural Affairs and the Irish Government to determine how best to respond to the “grave and urgent” issues.

Health experts warn that a devastating event could have already happened.

“A catastrophic event is possible at any moment.

We know this is the case, but we are not there yet,” said Dr Simon Harris, from the Royal Irish College of Physicians.

The Irish Government is also reviewing its response to the health crisis.

In an editorial, the RIC said the “disaster” is coming, but warned that “a crisis is inevitable”.

The report warns that the Irish population is at a “critical crossroads”.

“The most urgent challenge we face is the need to protect our most vulnerable and vulnerable populations from further harm.”

There is no easy answer to the crisis of the 21st century.

Our priority must be to find a way to manage the risks in the most efficient way possible.

“We cannot allow the world to get any worse, so we must act quickly and decisively to ensure that our people and communities are protected.”

Dr Harris said it is important to recognise that a number of factors are likely to have contributed to the recent surge in emergency admissions and deaths.

“The current crisis is an example of the type of event that we have seen in the past,” he said.

“In the last decade, the number of deaths in the United Kingdom has increased dramatically.

It is a worrying trend and it is the only example we have of this happening across the entire UK.”

He said the increase in emergency visits was “clearly not an indication of anything we need to do about it”.

“This does not mean that the situation is getting worse.

This does not necessarily mean that a crisis is imminent,” he added.”

It means that we are seeing more and more cases of serious and potentially fatal conditions.”

This is happening because the current system is failing.

“These are serious, potentially fatal situations and we need immediate action.”

The Irish Institute of Public Health said a serious and urgent crisis is unfolding in Ireland, with the number and number of people dying every day.

“For a long time now, it’s been the most common cause of death for those aged 65 and over, with a growing number of cases in children, and those with underlying health conditions,” said the institute’s Dr Michael Higgins.

“Unfortunately, these numbers continue to grow.

And we are now facing the very real prospect of the Irish death rate rising again, as well as the highest number of hospital admissions since the Great Famine.”

He added that the report is important because it shows the scale of the crisis, and that it will be difficult to fix.

“People are at a critical crossroads.

We must take action now.

We need to act quickly to reduce the risk of further death,” he concluded.

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