Total Health crashed into debt last month, forcing a massive restructuring for the troubled website that failed to deliver promised improvements in the healthcare system.

The site is also still struggling to attract enough visitors to meet its promise of creating 1 million jobs by 2022.

A recent report from consulting firm Avalere Health predicted that the total cost of the disaster would be $1.4 billion, or more than the total value of all healthcare in the United States.

The report noted that the site had been struggling for months to find a way to provide basic functionality for people who have not yet had a primary care doctor or pharmacy.

Avalere estimates that the system is now $6.6 billion in debt.

The website has faced numerous security issues, including the discovery that hackers had breached its internal systems.

The hackers managed to gain access to customer accounts, as well as customer information, email and other information, according to Avalere.

A company spokesperson told The Next Green that the breach was the work of an individual or small group, not the company itself.

Avaliere says that it has now suspended the breach and is working to restore access.

The company says that the company will not have access to customers’ personal information unless the hacker is identified and arrested.

But it did not say how the hackers managed the breach or how they obtained customer data.

The firm says that customers who want to enroll in the Obamacare exchanges must pay a penalty of $1,000 to $2,000, which the company says will be reimbursed by insurance companies.

“We believe the security of remains the top priority for the company and that we are continuing to work diligently with the Department of Justice, Department of Health and Human Services and our customers to secure this critical infrastructure,” the company said in a statement.

“As the site recovers, we will continue to provide updates and information to our customers as we learn more.”

The company said that the Department has provided assistance and that it was providing more than $1 million to assist with security upgrades.

The website is the brainchild of a group of private contractors.

The Healthcare.

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