In Japan, there are plans to slash the number of people who will need to be hospitalized and the number who need to die from pneumonia.

The cost of health care in Japan has surged in recent years, especially among the elderly.

In 2015, the Japanese government announced that it was cutting health spending by 30% to save money for the government.

Its aim is to cut the countrys deficit, which currently stands at 3.2% of GDP.

According to a report by Japan’s health ministry, in 2016, the cost of medical treatment was more than $7,000, while in 2017 it was $11,000.

It is expected to cost about $6.3 billion this year to cover the cost, which is nearly three times the current cost of care.

For the elderly, this is expected for the first time in history.

This is a very large burden, especially for a country that has spent a lot of money on the elderly for the past 60 years, says Toshihiro Matsumoto, an expert on ageing.

People need to have a very high quality of life, Matsumotto told Al Jazeera.

He said it is not just a matter of money.

‘No-one is getting paid’ Dr Masayoshi Nakamura, a Japanese professor of medicine at Kobe University, said the health system in Japan is not working as it should.

Nakamura says the country has to take a bigger role in helping people, and the health budget has to be increased.

He said there is a lack of social safety nets.

“The health system is not well-run.

The quality of care is poor,” he told Alja in January.

“It is not about the health of the population, but the health care of the system,” he said.

The health care system is in crisis and has been for a long time, Nakamura said.

There is a problem of funding in Japan.

We are losing people to hospitalization and to dying from pneumonia, Nakamara said.

In the past, it was thought that people would get a good quality of health by being vaccinated and healthy.

But in recent decades, people have been dying from other causes.

I am afraid, Dr Nakamura added.

I worry that I am going to lose my grandchildren to these diseases and diseases will get worse, and that we will not be able to do anything to help.

Japan is also one of the world’s most expensive countries to live in.

According to the International Monetary Fund, the average annual household income in Japan last year was $68,000 (£56,000), compared to $53,000 in Germany, the United States, France and Britain.

Some of this money goes to pay for the medical costs for the elderly and the sick.

One of the most common types of medical bills are those for pneumonia and heart problems, said Yasuhiro Matsumaki, an economist and professor at the University of Tokyo.

The average cost of treatment for pneumonia in Japan, for example, is $1,800 per patient.

The average cost for heart disease in Japan was $1.8 million in 2016.

Dr Matsumakos medical expenses are the largest in Japan’s economy, and it is a big financial burden for people.

When we have a serious disease like pneumonia or heart disease, it is hard to get the medical care that we need, he said, adding that there are no other options for people who cannot afford to go to the hospital.

We need to help those who cannot pay.

We need help for those who are sick and those who do not have enough money to pay, Matsums said.

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