Why do you need to have a ‘health care’ license to drive in India?

India has a long tradition of licensing its citizens for driving and it is no exception.

But in the recent past, the government has been trying to tighten up the rules to make it easier to drive, and the government is now making it mandatory for those with an ‘accredited driving license’ to also have a license to operate a vehicle.

The issue came up on the second day of the National Health Conference organised by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), which was held in Bengaluru.

While the panel discussed the recent spate of road accidents, the focus of the discussion was on the licensing of road users.ICMR chairman Dr N Ramachandran said the issue was a matter of urgency, as India is seeing a large increase in road deaths due to road accidents.

He also raised the issue of people being reluctant to get medical certificates for various reasons, such as having children.

Ramachandan said the government should make the licensing process more accessible for the public and it should also provide incentives for those who have the necessary qualifications to get their license.

The panel also discussed the issue regarding people being hesitant to get a medical certificate, as the medical community has long been wary of the licensing regime in India.

The panel also asked the government to revise the rules on driving licenses to make them more convenient for the population.