New health care bill ‘a great day for American health care’

Health care reform, as it is known, is a very long, complicated, and expensive process.

But the latest health care plan from the House of Representatives is a great day — and a big win for the country.

It’s a good thing that Democrats got the chance to get the bill passed, said Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, who sponsored the bill.

“It really is a giant leap forward in the fight against the opioid crisis, which has already taken a very heavy toll on Americans.”

The legislation would create a $1 trillion national fund for treating opioid-related conditions.

It would also make $1.5 trillion available over the next 10 years for Medicaid expansion and pay for drug abuse treatment.

The plan would cover most Americans with prescription opioid addiction, as well as people with a chronic condition, and it would expand insurance to cover people who don’t have health insurance.

It also would expand Medicaid eligibility to everyone up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level.

And it would increase the maximum Medicare reimbursement rate for high-cost hospitalizations and the maximum nursing home payment to the federal government.

The legislation also would give states flexibility to create their own health care systems and to expand their health insurance programs.

But it would not provide additional funding to expand Medicaid, Medicare, or to create new health insurance plans.

And in a major shift from past bills, it would give drug manufacturers a chance to negotiate drug pricing and prices, and to reduce the cost of their drugs by more than $2,000 a year.

The legislation would also expand Medicaid to cover about 6.6 million low-income Americans, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

It is expected to cost $1,000 per person per year for the first year and $4,000 for the second year, and would expand to cover a third of the population by 2026.

Democrats and some Republicans who were skeptical about the bill say that $2.5 billion in savings in Medicare would be a boon to those with pre-existing conditions.

That includes people with high medical bills, as those who are over age 65 and have medical expenses for longer periods would be able to save money by paying off their medical bills.

Democrats said that the $1 billion a year in savings would help more than 9 million people, and about 3.5 million children, and that the savings would not result in an increase in the cost to the government.

They said the bill would also help lower drug prices by reducing the amount of money hospitals and doctors are paying out of pocket to cover the costs of opioid abuse treatment, the cost for which has been estimated to be about $6 billion a month.

Republicans who were against the bill said they would still like to see drug prices increased.

The bill also would make the opioid treatment program available to everyone, including people who are too sick to work, the elderly, and people who have chronic illnesses.

But that provision has been opposed by many Republicans, who say it would lead to the prescription of more drugs, and could lead to more deaths.

It has also been criticized by Democrats, who argue that some of the money would be better spent on treating the opioid problem rather than on paying for health care.

The Senate will now vote on the bill on Tuesday.

It must pass the House before the end of the week.

In the coming weeks, House Democrats will continue to negotiate with Republicans, according the Washington Post.

If they can get their bill through the Senate, it could then go to President Donald Trump for his signature.

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