The World Health Organization on Friday confirmed that more than 3.4 million pregnant women around the world have been infected with Zika, and a second batch of vaccines has been sent to over 200 countries.WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said Friday the agency will send a second dose of vaccine to Brazil and India.

The second dose, the first of which was distributed in February, was delivered in December.

Chan also said there were now four million vaccine doses being distributed in India.

Chan said it will take at least three months for the vaccines to be administered to pregnant women, as there are still a lot of gaps in the supply chain.WHO’s Chief Vaccine Officer, Dr. Anil Gupta, said on Friday that the virus is highly infectious and can lead to brain damage.

The virus has been spreading in Latin America and has been linked to a spike in cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Guillains-Barges is a rare form of the illness, a chronic disease caused by a faulty immune system.

Gupta said that if a pregnant woman is infected with the virus and does not get the vaccine, she is at risk of developing Guill-Barr syndrome.WHO is distributing vaccines to countries in the region that have reported a large number of cases.

The vaccine has been delivered in Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

It has been distributed to Colombia, Colombia has also announced it will send the first dose of the vaccine to Honduras.

Guap said WHO is confident that the second dose will be delivered to Honduras, which has reported more than 300,000 new cases of the virus.

The WHO is not providing any details about the second batch.WHO says it will use the second vaccine to vaccinate pregnant women in India, as well as pregnant women of children under six years old in Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.

WHO said it expects that there will be more vaccines distributed in the coming weeks.WHO has said it has vaccinated more than 4.6 million pregnant people worldwide since it launched its vaccination program in February.

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