How to stay safe and prevent an influenza pandemic: How to prevent flu in Australia

Health authorities have urged people to take extra precautions when travelling to parts of mainland Australia with high levels of flu in the coming days.

The flu virus has been spreading in the region, with people coming in contact with cases and outbreaks.

Some people are also getting sick after using cough syrups, or having contact with people who have flu.

Health authorities are warning people to use extra care, including using hand sanitiser and avoiding drinking or eating in public.

“If you have any symptoms of flu and you’re travelling in the regions of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Launceston, and the ACT, you should be concerned,” a spokeswoman for the Victorian Health Department said.

“These areas have had very high levels, so it’s very important to be extra vigilant.”

Health authorities said people should not use cough syrup, drink from the water, or touch their noses or mouths with their fingers.

It also advised people to avoid contact with sick people, and to avoid all contact with children and pets.

“The use of cough syringes and water from a public tap should not be used,” the spokeswoman said.

“Children should also not be in close contact with adults or people with flu.”

They should be tested at home and vaccinated if necessary.

“”If people have had any symptoms or are sick, they should seek medical attention.

“The outbreak began in Sydney on Monday and has spread to other parts of the country.

Some hospitals have cancelled or reduced patient appointments and patients have been warned to stay home from schools and work.

The latest case of influenza in Australia is expected to be the worst ever in Australia, with more than 12,000 people already known to have had it, the latest figures show.

There were 816 confirmed cases and 795 deaths in the week to January 26, with the most recent figures from the Australian Centre for Health Statistics showing more than 2,400 people had the virus.

Australia’s Chief Health Officer Dr Peter White said that while the outbreak was the biggest in Australia for the last four years, the numbers were still a lot smaller than what was expected to happen.”

This is not a new strain of flu,” Dr White said.”

It’s not the same strain that we’ve seen in the last few years.

“The virus was first detected in Queensland in 2015 and is currently circulating in the Northern Territory and parts of Western Australia.

In Victoria, there have been five confirmed cases in Victoria and a further 24 confirmed cases of influenza since then.

Dr White said the number of cases was expected rise, and people were already experiencing high levels in some parts of Australia.”

We’ve had two cases of severe influenza in the past week in Melbourne, and we’ve had several cases in Melbourne in the early hours of the morning,” he said.

In the ACT the flu is still spreading to some areas, with three confirmed cases.

Health officials said that the number was likely to rise as more people were infected.”

There is a very high probability that this virus will spread to some of these communities and we need to ensure that the local community is fully prepared,” Dr Whit said.

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