CANADA Canada’s Health Care Qualifications Program (HCQP) has certified over 3,000 health care workers and 1,000 nurses, marking the country’s biggest health care achievement since its founding in the mid-1960s.

HCQP certified more than 1.7 million Canadians, making it the largest health care qualification program in the world, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Health.

The certification program was started in 2014 by the Trudeau government with the goal of expanding access to health care to more Canadians.

It was announced at a recent press conference.

HCPCS has already certified over 5,000 healthcare workers and nearly 1,200 nurses.

Canada has been able to meet its goal of becoming a global leader in healthcare, according a government statement.

Canada is the second largest country in the Western Hemisphere, after the United States, according the World Health Organization.

The country is ranked as the second-largest in the global G7 region by population, after Japan, according Toil and Value.

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