Hospitals in Israel, US report no new infections after virus outbreak

Israel’s health authorities said Wednesday that there were no new confirmed or suspected cases of the coronavirus in hospitals in the country, and that the number of confirmed cases had dropped to four from 10 days earlier.

The Health Ministry reported that the total number of patients with laboratory confirmed cases has dropped to nine from 11.

It also reported that patients had shown some symptoms of the virus, but they were not contagious and could have been brought under control by other means.

The ministry added that the national death toll has dropped from 18 to 14.

In response to the government’s latest report, Israel’s parliament passed a law that would allow the health ministry to issue temporary licenses to local authorities to allow people to stay at hospitals and other facilities without a permit.

That could be done for as long as six months, the Israeli Health Ministry said.

The bill, which passed in parliament late Tuesday, would allow for the temporary license to be extended to three months.

The Health Ministry has been urging local authorities in the Jewish state to allow the use of such licenses.

“We have to act,” the ministry said.

“If we don’t act now, it’s possible that we will see an increase in the number and intensity of cases.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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