New child care costs $2,000 more than they cost in 2011, study finds

The average cost of a two-bedroom apartment in Toronto rose by $1,300 in inflation-adjusted dollars over the past five years, according to a new study from the city’s child care provider, CSL.

The cost of child care, a basic amenity for most families, increased by $2.1 million in inflation adjusted dollars in 2015-16, up from $1.9 million in 2010-11, the report said.

The report, which analyzed the costs of basic child care services in Ontario in 2011-12 and 2017-18, found the cost of childcare had grown significantly, especially in Toronto and its surrounding suburbs.

It said the costs per child grew by an average of $1 of $3.13 per day, or 3.2% over five years.

The study was based on data from the Ontario Child Care Agency and its sister agency, the Ontario Association of Child Care Providers.

The two agencies are the province’s only government-funded child care providers.CSL did not release the full analysis to the media, but CSL CEO Susanne Fonseca said in an email that the agency has not yet seen the report, but said its cost of doing business has not changed over the years.

Fonsecah said in her email that CSL is committed to providing quality, affordable child care to families and that they are continually looking for ways to provide the services they provide.

Fenner said the study provides a glimpse into the financial reality of child-care in Ontario.

“The fact that it has continued to grow over time is a testament to the high demand and low supply of childcare,” she said.

Fronseca pointed to an Ontario study conducted last year that found child care is now the most expensive part of child welfare services.

She said the increase in costs is due to the government’s “caregiving revolution,” which is “making sure families have more control over their lives and are able to be more responsible with their finances.”

Fron seca said the cost-of-living increases are the result of the province increasing the age of eligibility for benefits from 18 to 21.

She noted that many families choose to pay more for their child care.

“Our study shows that if we can do everything right, we can still do it,” she added.

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